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As of December 1, 2016, Douglas Nemeckay has joined the Ohio Valley Group as their landscape architect. He can be reached at Douglas.Nemeckay@ohiovalleygroup.com or by calling (440) 543-0500.

Landscape Design Planning

The following is an outline of steps Douglas Nemeckay & Associates, Inc. will take during the entire design process in order to thoroughly understand the client's objectives and incorporate those criteria into the design and built project.

Not only is it important for the design to meet the client's goals and the unique challenges of the site but, the design documents must accurately convey that information in a comprehensive format to the contractor for bidding and building purposes.

We are very familiar with projects which require phasing and we will prepare our plans, specifications, details and bid documents in a way that the project can be implemented over an extended period of time.

Hillside and natural stone walls above a patio and lawn area, beautifully landscaped with an assortment of plant life.

Initial Meeting

The first meeting with a prospective client is one of the most important meetings during the design process. Getting to know the client's goals and expectations in addition to the characteristics of the site is absolutely critical to establishing the scope of work.

During our first meeting we like to interview our prospective clients and supplement their ideas with new ideas of our own. There are never any fees charged for our services at the initial design meeting unless the reason of the meeting is for consultation purposes only.

Site Inventory and Analysis

Once contracted for our professional services we will begin the design process by visiting the site for the evaluation and inventorying of existing conditions which will impact the project.

Depending upon the scope and complexity of the project, we might recommend the outside services of other professionals such as surveyors, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers or other related experts. These professionals typically work outside the scope of our services.

Once all site related information is collected and combined, a base plan will be prepared for all subsequent design development.

Conceptual Design

The first preliminary plan will show the objectives set forth in the initial meeting in a conceptual design which will also correspond with the site conditions and the function of the project.

If appropriate, alternative ideas or materials may be shown in addition to opportunities for new project elements.

Since this plan will reflect all the design objectives for the first time to the client, ongoing revisions and refinements are very common.

Additional design changes and meetings to satisfy the client's vision of the project will take place during this design phase. Final designs and documents will not be initiated until acceptance of the conceptual design by the client.

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